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Chocolate-Crisp Protein Bar with Whey and Casein

Chocolate-Crisp Protein Bar with Whey and Casein

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Unique Whey & Casein Blend✔ All Natural Ingredients✔ Zero Added Sugar✔ No Artificial Flavors✔ No Artificial Sweeteners✔ No Preservatives✔

Enjoy our CHOCOLATE-CRISP 20g PROTEIN BAR WITH WHEY & CASEIN for muscle growth, muscle recovery and maximum performance. 

While Whey protein is better suited for pre-workout or consumption during workouts due to its quick absorption based on its amino acid profile, Casein is preferable for recovery, post workout and during your resting period to continuously feed your muscles. WE COVER BOTH IN THE SAME PROTEIN BAR AND MUCH MORE!

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    Our Unique Blend

    We understand the need for proper muscle nutrition. Our protein bars have been carefully developed to contain Whey & Casein to ensure fast and slow protein absorption! 

    All Natural Ingredients

    Using natural ingredients in our recipe is a MUST for us! Nothing artificial or synthetic (including all color additives regardless of source) has been included in or has been added to our protein bars.

    No Artificial Sweetener

    We are proud to use stevia & monk fruit extract as natural sweeteners to keep our protein bars as clean and natural-based as possible.

    No Artificial Flavors

    Our ingredients include cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chicory root fiber, sea salt, and almond butter to enhance the taste, nutrition, and texture of our products.

    No Preservatives

    Our bars do not contain preservatives as we strive to keep our bars with all natural ingredients and consistent with our mission of providing quality nutrition.

    Zero Added Sugar

    Our recipe is "Zero Added Sugar" meaning that the ingredients of our protein bars are not processed with any sugar or sugar-containing ingredients. We base our products on natural sweeteners as opposed to artificial sweeteners.